Martial arts for Weight loss benefits

Martial arts for Weight loss benefits

Just imagine how much effort and perseverance it will require to burn 1000 cal in your normal gym? Someone really has to be motivated and disciplined to see real results. And this is exactly why Muay Thai is so unique. While you are jumping, punching and kicking during a one hour training session you will easily burn as much as thousand calories. The interesting thing is that you will not be focused on weight loss because you will concentrate on attacking your opponent and also in defending yourself against attack. And yet in only one hour as much as thousand calories will be burnt. This is significantly more than the results which are claimed by other sports. An additional benefit is the fact that Muay Thai can be a lot of fun. You will be engaging in a group activity taking part in a body workout. It has been seen at many Muay Thai training camps in Thailand how people regardless of body shape or current condition continue to enjoy the weight loss and fitness benefits associated with Muay Thai.

How does it work?

Research has shown that cardiovascular activity can burn a large amount of calories. This is because during such activities your heart rate speeds up which automatically leads to burning of fat. Even though martial arts has been practiced for many centuries there are very few of them which will provide an individual with the kind of cardio workout which is obtainable from Muay Thai. This is because with a Muay Thai workout a person is constantly in motion and round after round there is constant kicking and punching and other types of high-intensity training. All of this ensures healthy weight loss and also a very high level of physical fitness. It has been proven again and again that Muay Thai provides the ultimate benefits when it comes to weight loss and fitness. They are dynamic and high-intensity workouts involving all members of the body because they are used for kicks and punches and then there are also rope jumping, ab exercises and a whole range of other training routines.

Muay Thai is beneficial to human health

Most of the Muay Thai training sessions at are done in rounds which will last 3 minutes followed by a period of rest between. This is exactly what the body needs and it is the ultimate training routine as far as weight loss and fitness is concerned. It has been seen repeatedly that only after two weeks of high-intensity training people are able to see remarkable results. The reality is that with Muay Thai you burn fat in a healthy manner while at the same time you’re improving your body strength. Your muscle tone as well as your athleticism and dexterity will improve. It is therefore not surprising that Muay Thai continues to grow in popularity and many people is attracted to this popular form of martial arts.

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