Asides from personal lifestyle, environmental factors greatly impact human health. Due to direct exposure to these factors, science has found a relationship between a person’s environment and the state of their health.

Human health is an important determinant of the development of a society. Humans play a pivotal role in developing or maintaining development in society. And this is only achievable if the people are in good health.

By conserving natural resources and protecting the ecosystem, humans develop a sustainable environment that helps them maintain a good state of health.

A sustainable environment directly impacts human health and this is why people agitate for the maintenance of resources that help to achieve environmental sustainability.

On UK.collected.reviews, users share their health experiences and how the environment affected some of the health issues they have had or currently have.

The internet has resources that teach people how to contribute to a sustainable environment and information about recommended energy companies that provide useful energy-conserving products.

Below are some of the impacts a sustainable environment has on human health.

Decrease in Health Risk

In a sustainable environment, humans are not exposed to toxic waste in the environment and they put efforts into conserving energy. This conservation reduces the use of energy, thereby reducing waste disposed of in the environment. Health issues like cancer, asthma, heart problems, are linked to harmful environmental factors. Having a sustainable environment impacts human health and reduces the risk of having environmental-related health issues.

Increased Life Expectancy

Recent studies have shown that the life expectancy of an average human in this age is above 70 years. This statistic is based on a lot of factors of which the environment is key. A sustainable environment reduces a person’s risk of having health issues which in turn increases their life expectancy.

Economic Well-being

When the environment is sustainable, individuals have more time and energy to do profitable work. The returns from this work increase their chances of getting good health care whenever the need for it arises. As the saying goes, “Health is Wealth.” Being productive at work and making wealth helps humans to better take care of themselves. This is possible in a sustainable environment because there are no environmental obstacles to work.

Social Well-being

Humans are social beings. It is natural for a person to long for connection with other people. In a sustainable environment, people do not worry about going outdoors. This allows them to meet people and build relationships with them. Studies have shown that a healthy social life has positive impacts on the overall health of a person.  With environmental sustainability, social connections can be formed and people can improve their state of health.


Human health is a reflection of the combination of many factors. These factors affect human health in different ways and there are efforts by humans to control their interactions with these factors. Developing a sustainable environment is one of the several ways humans use to control what happens to their health. The impacts of a sustainable environment are evident in the everyday lives of the people in the environment.

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